The Longest Running Television Show In Netherlands

Goede tijden, slechte tijden which is also popularly known as Gtst is one of the longest running television shows in Netherlands. This show has been on air since 1st October 1990 and has successfully completed 26 seasons. The show has aired over 5000 episodes till date and it is still the highest rated television soap opera in Netherlands. Each episode gets an average of about 1.5 million views. Gtst is a daily soap opera that airs Monday to Friday at 8pm.  The show is season based and each season runs from September to June. The final episode of the last season airs in June and then there is a three month break before the new season starts.asas While the show is very popular, the producers try their level best to keep in entertaining so the TRP does not drop. Each year, new actors are introduced to the show in order to add some freshness to the show. While there are a few actors that will be seen from previous seasons as well, the show focuses on trying to keep the storyline fresh, interesting and exciting. They always add a suspense factor towards the end of each episode to excite viewers about what’s in store next.Dilan_Yurdakul_als_Aysen_Baydar_-e1432542586869-640x230

Gtst is a family drama that has all the essential ingredients to make it interesting. There’s a little fun, love, sadness, divorce, marriage, business and even kidnapping that comes together on this show. The actors who play various characters on the show ensure they give it their best to make the story sound very realistic and engaging. Gtst has always appreciated fresh and new talent and it is one of the leading soap operas in Netherlands that has helped multiple actors establish a successful career.

Gtst is aired on weekdays and while it has high audience views, there have been a number of viewers who complained about not managing to get home in time to watch it. This is why the makers of the show decided to introduced Gtst Shortie. This is a website where they play snippets of past episodes. These snippets are not as long as the actual episodes, but avid fans and regular followers find this enough for them to stay updated with what’s happening on the show. This is a great way to keep viewers engaged considering life these days is hectic and it is not always that one can get home in time to catch the show on television.

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