The New Collar

Pet trackers are the latest upgrades to the classical pet collars we used earlier. During the job hours while we are outside with our friends, one of the things that keep bugging us is the thought of our pet alone at home. Not all pets are alike, not every animal can rest at a single place, and they are restless, hyperactive and just like little kids always running.


We can leave our pets with our neighbors or friends, but that’s not really a viable option. You cannot always find someone who is free while you are away or willing to take care of them. Taking care of the pets is not easy and guaranteeing their safety is more difficult to help you in this particular task, many companies such as KYON pet tracker, INUPATHY, POD 2, DOG TELLIGENT, BUDDY, WUF, PET PACE, NUZZLE, TAIL LIGHT, GOTRO FETCH, VOICE and TUG GPSPLUS, provide you with collars or devices that you can attach with your already present collars. These collars come with many features to improve their performances and its usefulness.


Sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, heat sensor, water sensor and many others along with real time GPS are there to help you find the pet if not in your sight or got lost, an app associated with the Company can also plot the route your pet took. If you look at the pet tracker reviews, you will see how satisfied the users were. While some of you may think that it’s not needed much. Yes, you are right about that, you don’t have the need for these trackers everyday but things can go bad any moment. Collars are to help you in those moments there are many new features coming everyday so one must choose according to what one needs. As the needs very from customer to customer, I’m sure you will find what you need.

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