Things To Learn About The Led Shoes

The LED shoes which are currently in the market have come a long way from the time they used to be referred to as blinking shoes when they were only meant for kids in the 80s to the current trendy chaussure LED homme that we have in the market. At the beginning, they were just light up shoes and only lit up when the pressure of the shoe was mounted on them.  In 2013, a simulation shoe was designed by two brothers and that was the beginning of the current LED shoes in the market. With more of them coming to the market, the price became affordable and many people could now afford them.


The Technology Behind The light Up Shoe

The technology on which this shoe is built on is very simple and effective. There is a rechargeable battery, LED lights set, and controller circuit, on and off switch, LED light strip and a dual USB port charging wire which can be fitted with a rubber sole with a space for the kit. The shoe sole is where all these components are placed and attached to the upper shoe and the shoe is ready to work as a light up.


Best Seller For Men

The best LED shoe for men is AGPtek Colorful 3 Mode LED which comes with each shoelace at 2 feet long; it has turned on and off switch which is powered by CR-2032 watch battery; it can last up to 70 hrs after being charged; it is waterproof, safe, durable, and washable; and it has 3 modes, strobe, on and flashing. This is a strong men’s LED shoe that will last a man for a very long time.

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