Top 5 Universities In The U.S.

The rankings of universities vary. It depends on the departments, research facilities, qualification of faculties, number of students, employment rate, etc. Here are the top 5 universities in the U.S. whose ranking is based on the overall performance.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


MIT is ranked number 1 in USA and also is holding the top position in the list of top universities worldwide. The university has produced some notable and successful alumni. It is popular for its technology-related courses and also for economics, biology, management and linguistic courses.

2. Harvard University


This is the best university for life sciences and medicine. It holds the second position in the world for arts and humanities. It is the oldest institution of higher education in the USA. It was established in 1636.

3. Stanford University


This university is popular for it’s business courses. It holds the second position for engineering and technology. Alumnus from this university are now the owners of many big companies in the world like Yahoo!, Google, Nike and Instagram.

4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


This is a very small university, but is respected for its research in science and engineering. It’s ranking is 8th in the field of natural sciences.

5. University of Chicago


This university is highly regarded for both science and arts courses. The university’s alumni include 89 Nobel Prize winners. The press of this university is the largest in the USA. The Physics department of this university is very renowned for research.

The rankings of these universities keep on changing every year. If you get a chance to study in one of these top 5 universities then a very bright future waits ahead of you.

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