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Movies are one of the best ways to unwind with family and friends. Whether you’re watching online or in the cinemas, there’s something about watching your favorite movie that just reduces the stress and keeps you entertained. And just recently, there are a lot of popular and awesome movies coming up! It’s exciting everyone because of their favorite sequels, characters and actors being shown in the cinemas. Not only that, but avid fans of movies will get to go back to the cinemas again to watch these awesome movies as well.suicidesquad1-xlarge-large_trans++Rp36Ti1MFCYr8PMuS2fHb17hoDUspm84EYl8tHPMRlk

Popular Movies

With movies now being a past time from all over the world, you’ll see a lot of directors wanting to produce movies popular around the world. This means adapting it from famous books. Comic books have become more popular, which is why you’ll often see movies being made from it. From Avengers, Batman, down to Spiderman, DC and Marvel comics have been made into real life for people of all ages to appreciate. Little boys will love the action packed stunts, while adults can reminisce the times they used to read their favorite comic books as well, having fun with the stories and the excellent cast portraying it. Suicide Squad is one of the upcoming movies adapted from DC’s Comics.

Suicide Squad

If you aren’t familiar with Suicide Squad, it came from DC Comics’ antihero section. These are a bunch of supervillains turned “superheroes”, saving the world from black ops in exchange for clemency. It’s packed with action, loaded with comedy, and with an excellent cast (Will Smith included!), you’ll definitely love how real it looks. Add in high end graphics, action packed stunts, and a funny plot, and you have yourself a great movie everyone’s now raving about! It’s definitely a must see for children to adults of all ages.ceba46ed7c7cd79ac9d8670ea86cb41b6644604b95aac7927cde7e2655f97c19

Watch Suicide Squad Online

Suicide Squad won’t begin showing to the public until August. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see a few snippets of it! Trailers, teasers, and photos are being posted by the producers and actors themselves. Not only that, but early screenings have now been open to the public, where you can find people posting statuses, raving on how great the movie is! Haven’t seen the full movie yet? If you don’t want to wait for the theaters to show it, you can watch Suicide Squad online, you can do so by taking a quick search on the Internet and checking if people have already posted the copy of the movie earlier. While it won’t be as quality as watching it in the cinemas, you will at least see for yourself and be able to enjoy the film before anyone else has seen it!

In Conclusion

Suicide Squad is definitely a must watch, with early viewers calling it excellent with a lot of comedy and sass put into it. Watching online is easy, simply check to see if it’s already been posted on popular websites that stream videos and other popular movies!

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