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Nowadays the world is full of pictures and images of events of various people and of our own events. A picture says a thousand words and that’s why nowadays we see that the images take more of our paper articles than the texts itself which was not the issue in the past. With the development of smaller and sharper lenses it has become so simple to take pictures and save them. Nowadays our phones carry such high quality camera lenses that we don’t find it difficult to upload on social media. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are ruling our lives and we don’t just upload pictures on one but on various social media.

Cameras may have just started to cause such an impact on our lives but the development of camera dates back to the 5th Century B.C. when Chinese philosopher Mo Ti noticed that an inverted image is produced when light passes through a pin hole into a dark area. Then in the 4th Century B.C., Greek philosopher Aristotle talked about this exact phenomenon in his books. Ibn-Al-Haytham in the 10th century noticed a solar eclipse through a pinhole. The Arabic scholar noted that the image could be made sharper by making the hole smaller. It was the mathematician and astronomer, Johannes Kepler who first coined the term camera obscura.

This development was continued by various scientists until the photographic film was created by George Eastman in his camera called Kodak in 1888. By the end of 19th century movie industries were established and film productions were started. The photographic film lasted for a really long time until recently in the 21st century that the photographic film was replaced by memory sticks with the advent of modern technology.


Nowadays we expect so many things from a camera and a camera is absolutely a must for any traveller because what is a trip without pictures? We expect our cameras hardy so that nothing happens to them if they fall, with a lot of options to zoom, exposure and it also needs to be waterproof so that we can use it freely at the beaches and also when it is raining. A hardy and waterproof camera is very important for adventure travelers and trekkers because they come under a lot of harsh unexpected conditions.


If you are planning to go to the beach anytime soon the you definitely need a hardy camera that is resistant against sand, dust and water and also doesn’t crack easily if it falls. A camera needs proper experimentation to decide how good it is under water as under water the speed of light changes, so the lenses don’t work in the same way.


This is probably the best compact waterproof camera in the market right now and costs just around $349 which is quite cheap considering the quality of the camera. This is the fourth generation of Olympus’s camera and is very hardy as it is shock proof, dust proof, water proof. It can withstand a pressure of 220 lbs and 13 degrees Fahrenheit which is absolutely amazing. It can also go through a fall of about seven feet without shattering the dreams of its owner into pieces. Though it doesn’t go as deep as some other cameras but it can withstand a scuba diver’s depth.

The camera also has a bright aperture of f/2.0 which will let us take images in really low light and the macro-micro mode, including wide angle which lets us take really amazing close up pictures and there are also many modes which will help us in taking pictures underwater. The micro mode of the camera lets you zoom about 44.5x times which is pretty amazing. It has a 16 megapixel CMOS illuminated backlight that lets you take the perfect photographs. Other than all this the Olympus comes with a GPS, Wi-Fi, and an electronic compass which tells us the exact latitude, longitude, barometric pressure and depth of our location.


This camera is one of the best cameras for underwater pictures as it is water resistant until 100 feet and has a very sensitive colour. It has a feature that automatically changes modes when you put it in the water and then again when you take it out. It takes pretty bright images with ISO 1600 and the colour contrast is amazing. The camera is powered with a 5x zoom and the grip on the right side of the camera is pretty handy, other than this the camera is engineered with GPS and Wi-Fi. The camera costs just around $309 on Amazon.


Canon Powershot D30

This is a phone camera but is not as good as the previous ones in this article but I still think this is pretty good underwater camera with a brilliant design. It is waterproof until 25 metres and does not freeze up to -10 degrees Celsius. It has large buttons which makes it very easy to use, even while you are wearing gloves. Though the image quality is not that good compared to the others in this article but its 12.1 MP still makes the cut. It’s other negative is that it doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity and has a very unreliable GPS.


This camera still makes the cut in our list as it takes amazing pictures both in water and ground but this camera doesn’t have the micro modes that some of its other competitors do, still this camera is pretty rugged and is waterproof until 13 metres and does not freeze until -10 degrees Celsius. This camera has a very good LCD screen which helps you stabilize your pictures and gives you a way better view, it also takes very good pictures at high ISO’s. This camera is powered with functioning Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC, that helps you share your pictures easily.


I would like to mention the Samsung Galaxy 7 which is undoubtedly the best phone in the market and not just a phone, it also has an amazing camera and is also waterproof. Basically an all in one camera! You can visit http://www.consumerschoicereviews.com/ for more reviews on amazing products.

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