Why Buy A Compact SUV and Not Any Other Car

A Compact SUV is a utility vehicle as it combines truck-like utility which Americans adore with the comfort and fuel economy that everyone yearns for. If you are a consumer who is looking for an extra spacious passenger package which is easy to access luggage space, then you will not go wrong with some of the best compact SUV.  They are some of the fastest-growing vehicle segments and they are available in different price range.  the-best-2016-small-compact-suvs-under-26k

Here are some of the best compact SUV available on the market

Mazda CX – 3

It comes with a tiny cabin, a cargo area and back seat which is modest. It is excellent when it comes to steering precision and handling. When it comes to fuel economy, it is one of the leaders in the market. Even though its cabin is small, it is well crafted, attractive and has a reasonably easy to use technology interface. It has a higher driving position, all-wheel drive, and style which it delivers promptly. It costs $28, 385.47b5d2040a0a00020158aac44fc50337

Honda CR-V 2016

It is one of the best compact SUV available on the market, which will meet your needs. It has an enormous cargo area which benefits from a low load height and ample passenger space.  When it comes to fuel efficiency, it is one of the best with an interior which is well equipped. Its price is fair, which combined with the high reputation of Honda brands, it makes it more reliable and one of the best in its class. It costs $25,850.

Mazda CX-5 2016

It has top safety scores, excellent fuel economy, well-designed interiors and a driver’s degree which most of the other compact SUVs don’t have. Its brakes, suspension, and steering are some of the best class in the market and you are sure of enjoying an excellent drive with a luggage and back seat area which is spacious.

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