Why Is Manga So Popular Across The World?

Manga is not just anything that you can read. To be an Otaku, you need to know few things that keep you hooked to the Manga even if you don’t intend to be an addict. Mangas are very popular especially in ancient countries say Japan, China and India and most viewership that Mangas have are from these countries. But, why are Manga Online so popular, if you ask? There are many reasons which contribute to the popularity of Japan and here are the main three reasons which are specific.Manga Online

  1. History: The History of Manga is not something that lasts to few years, but to decades. It has got a long history as people started expressing their emotions, feelings and expressions to way before. Therefore, the manga readership is built through years with people knowing Manga from time to time. Gradually, it became a major part of the Japanese culture and arts and the Manga artists like Kishimoto and Ota are respected throughout the world and are admired by many people.
  2. Drawing: The Manga has a really unique drawing style when you keep all the comics side by side. The comics from other countries have a different narrative and the comics from Japan follow a different style. The works are intrinsic and delicate with characters drafted as young and slender figures with colored hairs, big eyes and really elegant characterization. This unique style is one of the reasons why people are attracted to Manga.
  3. Fan Art: That being said, Fan Art is another major reason behind the unique and large viewership of Manga. Manga OnlineJapanese have lots of fans who create fanarts for almost everything and anything. Even if the original work ends or if it is being released with huge intervals or if people are missing the Manga releases, these Fan arts act as fillers as they are drawn carefully with the same quality as the original Manga and also can be used as side dishes for the original Manga.

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